Instantly share your personal information and documents with anyone, anywhere, any time! 

Intergreatme is an award-winning platform that provides users with a secure, simple and effective way to share personal information with anyone!

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How does it work?

Download the app, register and upload all your personal information and documentation so you never have to fill out a form again.

All your personal information in one place, verified by us and on demand whenever you need it.

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  1. ENQUIRE - no special actions required, just ask whether they accept the documents a service provider is looking for via email and you're ready to send your docs!
  2. EASY AND SIMPLE - It's a quick process too! Open the intergreatme app, click the share button and select the info you want to share!
  3. ASK FOR THEIR EMAIL - Once you've selected the info you want to share, ask them for their email address, and enter it in to the app. You're almost there!
  4. SHARE YOUR STUFF - a final confirmation dialog to confirm who you're sharing with, and you're done! Your documents are on their way to who ever you've sent them to! Wasn't that easy?

Car Licence Disk Renewals

Your car licence disc form is prepopulated. Send this to yourself via the app.

Drivers Licence Renewals

Your drivers licence form is prepopulated. Send this to yourself via the app.

Which Form is Next?

Let us know via the app which form you would like auto-completed next and we'll generate it for you!

Share your Personal Information and Documents

Send your information to any service provider!

You Control Your Identity

Intergreatme is PoPI (Protection of Personal Information Act) compliant.

Your information will not be sold to anyone.

World class encryption and peace of mind.


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